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Chinese Fake Drugs Flood African Markets

Fake drugs from China spread like locusts

Anurag Sharma
September 2, 2009

Victimised Indian firms want tougher quality norms on Chinese drug manufacturers.

First, there was news about 300,000 children got affected after consuming melamine tainted chinese milk products. Later the world knew about presence of anti-freeze in Chinese tooth paste. And now Chinese authorities are trying to hush up the cases of fake drugs. Authorities have found thousands of bottles of the fake diabetes medication in Xinjiang, southwestern Sichuan and western Qinghai, according to a Chinese state radio report carried on the official website, What Chinese radio did not tell was the story of tons of fake drugs that are being exported by China into developing countries. Most of these fake drugs have fake labels too for the country of origin.

In June 2009, the Nigerian Government Drug Regulatory Authority (NAFDAC) confiscated a large consignment of fake anti-malarial generic pharmaceuticals produced in China but mischeviously labelled 'Made in India'. NAFDAC spokesperson was quoted as saying, "After a laboratory analysis by NAFDAC, the drugs have been found to be fake and had it not been intercepted, about 64,2000 adults would have been affected."

According to the Indian High Commissioner in Nigeria, the consignment containing Maloxine and Amalar tablets, used for the treatment of Malaria, were valued at 32.1 million Naira and were produced, packed and shipped from China.

The Chinese government has warned that the economic slowdown will lead to more cases as struggling chinese drug makers cutting corners and violating standards risking thousands of lives worldwide.


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