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Anurag Sharma


Happy Yugadi, Indian new year day - Yugadi
Kaliyuga 5111, Saptarshi 5085, Vikrami 2066,
and Saka 1931

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India is a land of diversity. With hundreds of calendars introduced from time to time in various regions, it is the land of maximum number of calendars too. While the Vikrami and Kaliyuga Samvats are the most popular in the sub-continent, it is the Saka era that has been adopted as the official calendar. The Indian calendars are followed traditionally in Nepal, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Thailand also. Most traditional calendars in India start with the Yugadi day with Chaitra being the first month.

स्मार्ट इंडियन की ओर से सभी देशी-विदेशी पाठकों को गुडी पडवो, युगादि, चैत्रादि, चेती-चाँद, नव-रात्रि, राम नवमी, बोहाग बिहू, नव संवत्सर २०६६ तदनुसार कलियुग ५१११ की शुभ कामनाएं। wishes a very happy Yugadi, Puthandu, Cheti Chand, Chitterai, Chaitradi, Gudi Padava, Bihag Bihu and Nav Raatri

Anurag Sharma